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How love changes the online personas of Twitter users [VIDEO]

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Major life events, such as getting engaged, can change the way we act online, a new study has found.

New research from the Georgia Institute of Technology has found a noticeable difference in people’s online personas before and after they announced plans to get married.

Looking at tweets that include #engaged, the researchers found nearly 1,000 men and women who had announced their engagement on Twitter.

They then analysed their tweeting behavior nine months before and 12 months after the engagement, and noticed some remarkable changes.

The respondents no longer thought of themselves as “I” and “me”, with use of these words in tweets dropping by 69 per cent. Predictably they were replaced by the words “we” and “us”.

The researchers also found women were far more likely to include words such as “future-in-laws” and “children” before the marriage, while men tended to hold off using these words until after the marriage.