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How matching the energy levels of your audience leads to stronger conversions

Website owners have a great opportunity to improve conversions by aligning their content with the actions they want visitors to take.

If you write a blog post about how to attract and retain top sales people, promoting a whitepaper on leading effective sales teams alongside that blog will be more relevant to readers than a generic form or ad and therefore more likely to get clicked.

After all, who is most likely to download a whitepaper about leading a sales team? Anyone reading a blog about that same topic would certainly be a good place to start.

For content marketers, getting this positioning write is a key part of showing a return for all that creative energy and hard work.

Building relationships without missing quick conversions

Creating¬†a content strategy that’s relevant to your target audience and provides them with useful and helpful information is often seen as a long-term play with the true contribution difficult to measure. You blog not necessarily to make a sale today, but to begin a relationship that will lead to people seeking you out when they’re ready to buy something.

But you’ll still want to ensure that the conversion opportunities you promote on each page of your website are as relevant as possible to the content on that page. Some people might be ready to convert right away and you want that make that as easy as possible.

Getting your audience in the mood for converting

Getting this relevance thing right could apply not only to the topic of the download you’re promoting or the messaging on the button you want clicked.

Another consideration, particularly if you’re using video as part of your content marketing strategy, is the mood of your audience when you present your call-to-action. Attempting to mirror that mood with the look and feel of your promotional messaging could lead to much stronger conversion figures.

Research by Columbia Business School has shown that people watching sombre television shows are much less responsive to very upbeat commercials during ad breaks. This also applies if the content they’ve been watching has left them feeling content.

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The study featured in the Journal of Marketing revealed that the key is the energy level of the emotion the viewer is experiencing. A high-energy emotion, like anger, even though it’s a negative emotion, would likely make viewers more responsive to high-energy adverts.

“When you feel low or sad, ads that are high energy are difficult to watch,” Professor Keith Wilcox, who authored the study, said. “So you spend less time watching, and the ad is less effective.”

Controlling the content and the promotion message

One of the benefits content marketers have over buyers of television ads is that they control both the promotional message and the content that wraps around it.

When it comes to television spots, getting access to a particular demographic or producing brand-consistent ads might trump concerns about what sort of mood your audience is likely to be in.

But when it comes to creating or commissioning your own website content, you can make sure your editorial, graphics and videos are closely aligned with the mood of your calls-to-action. And if you get that right you could see a stronger return on your investment.

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