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How open are consumers to personalised content?

There has been a lot of high-profile debate over the past few months regarding personal data and what steps should be taken to protect it – but what do consumers really think about how their information is used?

A new study by Infosys aimed to find out just that, as people across the US, Europe and Australia were asked about their attitudes towards sharing personal data.

In the most part, people were willing to give up some of their information if it meant they would receive a better service.

Many of the survey's respondents said they want ads that are targeted towards their individual needs, but are not necessarily willing to give out the data needed to enable them.

It does, however, seem that retailers have some way to go when it comes to offering personalised ads, as 72 per cent said they don't believe the online promotions or emails they receive meet their interests and needs.

This only emphasises the importance of offering original content that is tailored to the demographic you are targeting – one thing this survey does demonstrate is that people are all too aware of the messages they are receiving!

In fact, 78 per cent of those questioned said they would be more likely to make a purchase from a retailer again if they sent out offers that are customised to their individual interests.

Location-based offers also find favour with consumers, as 71 per cent of people said they would like to receive promotions based on where they live.

Stephen Pratt, managing partner of worldwide consulting and systems integration at Infosys, explained that people simply want to know what's in it for them when they give up personal data.

He continued: "Our research shows that people will certainly share though they're very savvy about how they give up their personal information.

"Companies need to crack the code in mining data effectively to gain consumer trust and clearly articulate the benefit to their customers."

Posted by Emma Furze