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Prison-specific newspapers are redefining the term ‘targeted content’

“What to do when you’re up before the Governor”

Not a headline that would attract the attention of the general public, yet a useful topic for prisoners who want advice before their next parole hearing.

These are the types of articles being published in Jail Mail, Britains third nationwide newspaper specifically for prisoners, and a great example of how the newspaper industry is narrowing down its target audience.

Nottingham consultant solicitor Stephen Luke launched Jail Mail last month, which is being funded by ads from other solicitors hoping to work with the incarcerated.

“It’s a paper for prisoners to provide information and help them through their sentence.” said Luke.

The newspaper has been well received by inmates, with circulation rising up to 20,000. Clearly, there is a strong target audience being reached by the publication.

Converse is Britain’s largest newspaper that circulates solely to prisons, and commonly reports on the latest prison-specific news – such as corrupt prison officers and policemen on trial.

The second largest newspaper, Inside Time, has a popular prisoner-contributed poetry section – “Inside Poetry” – and one of the contributors, Noel “Razor” Smith, went on to become a published author.

While these three newspapers are targeting their content to the 85,000 prisoners in England and Wales, they have each found their own niche within a niche to make it even more relevant.

This is what is being referred to as hyper-local, when content targets a small, select group of people in a geographic region, and is only relevant for a precise period of time.

Hyper-local media is defined as “offering an online news or content service pertaining to a small community such as a town, village or single postcode.” according to Nesta.

Refining your audience to a select few that are highly likely to be interested in your content can be more effective than trying to attract everyone.

Online content is also headed in a similar direction.

For example, the popular news and entertainment site BuzzFeed have started writing content that’s only relevant to a select group – such as readers of specific ethnicity, profession, or sexual orientation.

By refining your target audience and coming up with the best ways to reach them, you too can make your content hyper-local.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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