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How smartphones users can help local businesses

Although mobile marketing is still very much in the early stages, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to realise just how influential smartphones are becoming, and all the content marketing opportunities that come along with them.

Smartphone penetration is growing rapidly, with over half of Australia’s population already using a smartphone.

In the UK it is even more extreme, with smartphone penetration set to reach 90 percent by 2016, according to The Guardian who were given exclusive data by Kantar ComTech.

The research found currently 71 per cent of people in the UK have a smartphone, while 84 per cent of total phone sales are smartphones.

Of course, more smartphones means more people accessing the internet over on their phones.

Up until now, the majority of consumers haven’t been going through with online purchases over their smartphones, mainly because the transaction process is too difficult, but this is set to change very soon.

A recent Google-sponsored study by Ipsos looked at local searches made by over 4,500 consumers, and found more and more people are using their phone to make searches.

The study found that 88 percent of smartphone users conducted local searches, mainly looking up the hours, address, directions of local businesses.

Admittedly, people looking up information about a business are obviously already somewhat interested in making a purchase, but the study found 34 per cent of consumers who looked up local information on their computer went to the store.

However, this went up to 50 per cent with smartphone searches.

This increase is undoubtedly because people are now browsing the internet on the go.

Google is now committed to showing information about local businesses, and takes the user’s location into consideration when showing search results.

Therefore, businesses should start thinking about including mobile users in their content strategy, and the first step to this is making sure your website is compatible for smartphones.

Posted by Dylan Brown