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How soon will tablets become more popular than PCs?

Tablet devices have no doubt experienced a surge in uptake over recent years, but are they about to become as popular as desktop PCs?

New research from IDC seems to suggest so, with the group predicting that shipments of tablets will surpass traditional desktop PCs as early as this year.

In fact, it anticipates that worldwide desktop PC shipments will fall 4.3 per cent this year, while portable PCs will remain flat at 0.9 per cent – tablets, on the other hand, could experience year-on-year growth of 48.7 per cent.

The tussle at the top of the tablet market is still very much between Apple and Samsung, with the gap between the two starting to close.

The Apple iPhone 5 and iPad Mini increased its market share to 20.3 per cent compared to 21.2 per cent for Samsung, showing that the battle is still very much on.

Megha Saini, research analyst for IDC’s Worldwide Smart Connected Device Tracker, explained some of the reasons behind this growing trend.

She commented: “In emerging markets, consumer spending typically starts with mobile phones and, in many cases, moves to tablets before PCs.

“The pressure on the PC market is significantly increasing and we can see longer replacement cycles coming into effect very soon and that, too, will put downward pressure on PC sales.”

With consumers shifting towards portable devices, the need for companies to optimise their sites for mobile browsing is increasing – which also enhances the role of original content.

People who access the internet on-the-go want their websites to be easy to access and rich in content that is tailored to their needs, rather than spending hours wading through information that is irrelevant to them.

The days of trawling through excessive web content are a thing of the past – much like the desktop PC, if this research is anything to go by!

Posted by Emma Furze