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How steam trains can help your content strategy

An established content strategy is now an essential element of any website.

Whether you sell products and services directly through your site or use your online presence to promote your offline activities, content will play a big role in determining your success.

When it comes to investing in decent content, you have lots of choices to make. What type of content to publish, where to source it from, where to put it, how to promote it etc.

Your website strategy should feature both dynamic and static content. Dynamic content might be blogs, industry news or user reviews – anything that gets regularly updated. Static content is your reference material, how-to guides or other evergreen pages that should be built over time, but will have a much longer shelf life once they're written.

So how is this like a steam train?

Well, imagine the train itself is one of your landing pages – a dedicated piece of static content that you want to rank for a particular set of keywords.

You'll want to make sure your steam train has had a good paint job; the carriages are properly attached; the tea trolley is well-stocked; and all the working parts are in good order.

You don't need to get covered in oil to achieve this. The static content equivalent of pimping your steam train is to write some relevant, good quality copy and make sure your page is well-optimised for search and conversion.

Once that's done, you're ready to roll. You just need some shovels of coal for the engine. Again, no need to get your hands dirty – your coal is just your dynamic content.

Each time you post a relevant blog post, news story or product review, you should link through to your relevant static pages, pointing both search engines and visitors to high-value content deeper within your site.

Your dynamic content allows you to exploit trending topics and give you something compelling to share via social media. These little shovels of coal provide your steam train with regular boosts, helping it along the track to better rankings.