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How texting can help you reach young consumers

In today’s competitive market, content marketing requires a lot of thinking outside the box. Brands wanting to effectively reach their target audience need to come up with innovative news strategies.

This technique can be seen predominantly on social media, where brands are coming up with creative tactics to interact with consumers on a daily basis.

Social media has also proved a valuable tool to encourage customer feedback or answer questions.

Although this is clearly effective, judging by the number of consumers partaking in this form of customer feedback, a recent study has found that text messaging may be a better option.

HeyWire Business found 75 per cent of consumers would rather have a text conversation with customer support representative than interact with these agents through social media.

According to a recent study by Pew Research, 31 per cent of mobile users said they prefer text messaging to receiving phone calls, while 53 per cent would prefer a phone call.

However, the percentage of people who would prefer having conversations via text message is rapidly increasing, especially with younger users.

On average, people exchange 50 messages a day, which is around 1,500 a month. But those between the ages of 18 and 24 send and receive an average of 109.5 messages every day, which works out to be more than 3,200 texts per month.

The study found 55 per cent of consumers who send more than 50 texts a day would prefer to be contacted through text message than through a phone call.

As we can see, this method of communication could be particularly useful for reaching younger consumers.

Therefore, brands wanting to improve their customer service could start encouraging text messaging.

Businesses could come up with a content strategy to target these consumers by coming up with engaging or informative text messages (at the users consent of course).

Posted by Dylan Brown