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How the right content can get us in the mood to convert

One of the great benefits of content marketing is that you have a lot more control over user experience than you do with traditional forms of advertising and marketing.

When you advertise on television or buy banner space on third party websites, you influence only a small part of what your target audience sees and hears.

On your own blog, website or social media pages, you have much more control.

This means that if you’re not happy with your conversion metrics there are lots of different levers you can pull in an effort to improve things.

Take the mood of your audience, as an example.

Research has shown that emotions play a huge role in helping to drive conversions. We wrote about a study earlier this year that showed how matching the energy levels of your audience could have a big impact on the effectiveness of your commercial messaging.

Now a new study suggests how people feel can carry over from one marketing message to the next.

Researchers looked at sales of stationery products next to separate ads featuring celebrities.

The Taylor Swift effect

They discovered that a more favourable celebrity helped boost sales of nearby products even if they were endorsing something else entirely.

Seeing a picture of singer Taylor Swift was apparently enough to put shoppers in a more positive mood, prompting them to buy more pens, pencils and paper clips that happened to be nearby.

The researchers also found that if people watched television ads featuring a celebrity they liked they would have a more positive view of the unrelated shoe brand featured in the next commercial.

That means brands can find themselves at the mercy of the content they follow. Even if their ad is original and engaging, their audience may still be distracted from having just seen a celebrity they can’t stand plugging some other product.

“Marketers typically don’t consider that the emotions produced in one marketing message may be influencing more than just our feelings toward the targeted product,” the study’s authors said in an article for The Journal of Marketing Research.

“Our study should encourage marketers to think about how the emotions we associate with one product may affect how we view the next product we encounter.”

For content marketers, the lesson is to take advantage of the increased level of control they have over their user experience.

You might not be able to influence what people saw before they arrived on your site, but you can ensure that the content they see once you have them is consistent with where you’re trying to take them.

Consistency means more conversions

Making your conversion goals a natural step from the content on the page, both in terms of the topic and the tone, will increase your chances of keeping people in the right frame of mind to convert.

This consistency is especially important for conversions that come from visitors who have been on more than one page.

Content marketing can certainly help you achieve quick conversions. But the real value of content marketing – and particularly a good blogging strategy – is that you can get in front of people much earlier in the purchase process.

These people may be introduced to your business for the first time through your blog. They might not be ready to become a customer today, but your blog will play a key role in them keeping you in mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

You want to target these valuable visitors with secondary conversion opportunities, such as newsletter subscriptions or downloadable content.

When you see analytics data showing you that these secondary conversions usually occur after a visitor has been on multiple pages you can start to see the value of maintaining a consistent tone across your site.