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How the right content marketing sells more Easter eggs

Easter might not have anything like the impact on consumer spending we see in the run-up to Christmas, but there will no doubt be a spike in demand for seasonal gifts over the next few days.

If you run an e-commerce website, you may well have been working hard in recent weeks to make sure consumers choose your hampers filled with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns ahead of the competition. So, what will be the factors that determine those choices?

According to new research, one very important driver could be whether or not your Easter goodies are made by hand.

Research published in the Journal of Marketing suggested that consumers see handmade goods as having been created with more “love” than mechanically-produced alternatives. And that’s something they would be prepared to pay a premium for.

[pullQuote position=”right”]Consumers will pay a 17% premium for handmade goods, even if they don’t know who made them or have any connection with the brand[/pullQuote]

“Handmade products might be perceived to contain and transmit the artisan’s ‘essence’ in the form of his or her love for the product in a way that machine-made products cannot,” the researchers said. “The customer then perceives the handmade product itself to be literally imbued with love.”

Participants in the study did not need to know who had made the product in question or have any connection with the brand. On average, they would be prepared to pay 17 per cent more for a handmade product.

“Emphasising the handmade aspect of a product can make it significantly more attractive, especially when consumers want to convey love to someone,” the researchers added.

Content that highlights your USPs

Content marketing has a huge role to play in helping e-commerce sites communicate their key selling points to their target markets.

In this example, how your products are made could have a big influence over whether or not people want to buy them and, if they do, how much they’re willing to pay.

If the Easter-themed products you sell are handmade, you should be promoting that fact on your landing pages, in your blog posts and through your social media activity.

Failing to do that is a missed opportunity, because if potential customers don’t know that your products are made by hand, it won’t matter how much love and care¬†went in to making them.

The same is true of other potential USPs. For example, separate research published earlier this year suggested people were more likely to buy from companies that support worthy causes.

A good content strategy is no substitute for having a good business. But if you have beautifully-crafted, handmade Easter bunnies to sell or a proud record of donating to local charities, content marketing is absolutely essential for sharing those stories with the world.

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