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How to create a competitive edge in the online sphere

The online domain has no doubt shaped the way we live our lives – from how we communicate to the way in which we look up information, the internet has well and truly taken over.

With this rise in popularity comes a new set of challenges for companies as they go in search of ways to make the most of this trend and get ahead of the competition.

A new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has found that as people turn to the internet to spend, they are leaving a growing digital footprint, which is where businesses can come into their own.

One of the biggest questions facing the nation's companies at the moment is how do they use this data to their advantage and give consumers an online experience they won't forget.

Being aware of the demographics that use a particular website is just one step towards being able to provide positive online interaction – this makes it easier to tailor a content marketing strategy and get the best results.

PwC's Entertainment and Media Outlook highlighted that businesses gathering data need to be aware of privacy and piracy, which are two of the greatest challenges facing the online world at the moment.

It is worth bearing in mind, however, that people are becoming more used to the idea of giving up personal data – it might be that they give up their information in return for an email newsletter or details of certain promotions.

The onus is on website owners to make sure this data is properly treated, otherwise they could fall foul of data protection legislation.

So the question is this – how do you intend to use customer data to improve their experience of your website? And what challenges do you think your company will face in the future?

Posted by Emma Furze