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How to create an effective Twitter hashtag that’s a campaign keeper!

The power of the Twitter hashtag should never be underestimated, with this simple but influential feature able to take your Twitter campaigns from obscurity to a larger audience – potentially of millions of users!

So we know it's essential to have a simple hashtag that reads well, but what else is needed to create an effective hashtag that has staying-power for your campaigns?

Twitter's developers have shared some best practices for hashtags, so that you can make the most of its features without turning potential followers away with a confusing message!

State the obvious

The best hashtag could be the most obvious one, Twitter's developers write.

The American X-Factor is a relevant example, as when the producers settled on using #XFUSA, but it was found that fans were using the non-promoted #xfactor five times more.

The producers took this information into account and changed their hashtag to #xfactor, which saw an immediate increase in Twitter conversation.

Follow the 'basic' hashtag rules

Hashtags need to be simple, short, relevant and catchy – one that sticks in your audience's head!

Try not to use more than four words in your hashtag (two to three preferable) and capitalise the first letter of each word to avoid causing any confusion.

Check if it exists

Once you've settled on a concise and catchy hashtag it's time to check out if anyone else is using it by entering your phrase or keyword in the Twitter search box.

"If there is a lot of conversation around it already, you might want to revisit your decision and pick something that isn’t as frequently used," Magdalena Georgieva writes in a HubSpot article.

"In that way, you will reduce the chances of people who are not a part of your target audience entering/diluting the conversation you want to take place."

Posted by April Revake.