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How to establish your site as an authoritative source

Content marketing is a great way to establish your website as an authoritative source. Useful and high-quality content will position your brand as a thought-leader not only with consumers, but also with Google’s complex algorithm.

The question is, do Google search results differentiate between sites that are useful for users from sites that are simply popular?

In the latest Google Webmasters video, Google’s head of search and spam Matt Cutts explained how the company determines authoritative sources.

He pointed out that Google’s algorithm has the ability to differentiate between popular sites and true authoritative sources – mainly by looking at links.

Since Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is designed to answer queries, Google attempts to find pages that are going to be useful to you.

The algorithm looks for sites that have some form of authority in a particular field, and if there is evidence that it should rank well. Studying links is one of the main ways this is accomplished.

Therefore, Google ranks sites deemed to have authority higher than sites that are popular.

Cutts said that it was widely reported that the pagerank feature measures the popularity of sites, but pagerank is much more a measure of a site’s reputation.

He explained this by comparing pornographic sites to government sites. Of course pornographic sites are popular and have a high number of traffic, but they often don’t rank high in search results.

Cutts said this is due to assessing the links to and from websites. For example, very few respectable sites would include links to pornographic sites, but many would have links to government sources.

By thinking about who your site is trying to attract, and what type of information they will most likely be looking for, you can determine how best to establish your site as an authoritative source.

By focusing your content strategy on producing material that is useful and informative for readers – with links to reputable websites – your site will receive a higher search ranking than sites that simply receive a lot of traffic.

Posted by Dylan Brown