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How to gain better quality Twitter followers

Having scores of followers on Twitter might make it seem like you are on your way to social media domination, but the fact is that it is the quality of these people that matters.

You may have half the number of followers as your closest rival, but ask yourself just how much interaction you actually have with them.

Here are some ways in which you can improve the quality of your followers and make sure your Twitter campaigns are as successful as they possibly can be.

Follow others in the same industry

While following celebrities and spoof accounts may be fun, it might not reap the sort of rewards you are looking for and give you quality followers you can rely on to spread your message.

Go in search of other Twitter users within your industry, as this will allow you to not only forge relationships, but also keep your finger on the pulse of whatever might be going on.

Look for commonly used hashtags

Hashtags are undoubtedly an essential tool for any business running Twitter campaigns – look for the ones that are most commonly used in your industry and jump on the bandwagon!

This doesn't mean, of course, that you can't be creative and come up with your own. Whatever option you go with, you should find that people with a genuine interest in your goods and services will follow you back.

Don't be afraid to retweet!

Retweeting is a great way of showing that you appreciate a comment someone has made and want to share it with your followers.

While this is a form of flattery in the social media sphere, it can also encourage people to read your tweets more closely and perhaps even return the favour.

Posted by Emma Furze