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How to get inside the mind of your target audience

The concept of ‘target audience’ is easy enough to grasp – this refers to the group of people most likely to buy your product based on things like age, gender and relationship status.

However, as the number of online consumers continues to rise and personal information becomes harder to find, some brands may have a tougher time keeping track of their target audience’s wants, needs and desires.

Previously, it was safe to have a broad target audience, but those days are now over says the Managing Director of Conlumino, Neil Saunders. Last year Saunders told researchers at KPMG that there is no such thing as an ‘average’ customer anymore.

Traditional demographics are breaking up into smaller minority groups. For example, older adults are now showing an interest in modern-day technology.

It has become dangerous for brands to make assumptions of consumers based on only a few characteristics, said Saunders, such as age.

“Reaching a mass market is much more difficult because there is no mass, homogenized market to reach.” said Saunders.

Nowadays, brands need to get specific. What would your target audience be looking for online? What content would they find amusing or insightful?

Figure out what content your customer base would respond to, and develop your content strategy around meeting that need.

Around 90 per cent of our decision making is based on subconscious cues, according to assistant professor of marketing and psychology at New York University, Adam Alter.

Alter recently spoke about his book ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ at a marketing conference hosted by Vivant.

“We think we know why we’re making decisions, but it turns out a lot of what’s going on is being driven by forces that are beyond our control and beyond our understanding” he said.

Therefore, if you are producing content that engages online consumers, they will start to trust your brand and buy into, whether it’s on a subconscious level or not.

Posted by Dylan Brown