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How to keep your content strategy fashionable

Today’s competitive and fast-paced online market can make it difficult for brands to connect with their target audience.

Websites that once dominated a particular field or niche are being outranked by smaller, more ambitious sites.

But as the legendary Stephen Hawking once said “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”.

Brands conducting content marketing need to be agile, innovative, and willing to move quickly if they want to successfully reach consumers.

Google’s head of search and spam Matt Cutts gave some wise words of advice earlier this year to older websites wanting to stay afloat.

Sites cannot rely on their current popularity to keep their place in the future, he said, pointing out that some businesses haven’t updated their sites in years, and as a result have become stale.

Cutts advised businesses to take a fresh look at their website’s layout, template and content, or people may go elsewhere.

Who better to demonstrate the importance of keeping up with change than the fashion industry?

Popular American retail chain Gap has been around for almost half a century, but the brand’s target audience has always been younger consumers.

As a result, they are constantly redesigning their image to adapt to the preferences of today’s youth.

“Your long-term purpose and the tone of your brand and your belief system should never change, but the way you express it can change time and time again” said the Gap’s Chief Marketing Officer Seth Farbman in an interview with Mashable.

For instance, last year Gap launched a campaign that featured Sikh-American model Waris Ahluwalia.

Although this went against their norm, it received positive feedback for its innovative interpretation of modern-day American culture.

Gap 2013 Nov Waris Ahluwalia Quentin Jones

It’s easy to lose track of the overall message your brand is trying to get across. Try thinking about the core elements your business was founded on, then align them with the needs of target audience.

This will become the foundation of which to build your content strategy.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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