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How to optimise your images on Pinterest

Are you making the most of your Pinterest account? This image-sharing website can prove to be valuable to your content marketing strategy, with people soon able to view your pins in a bigger and better way, thanks to Facebook's new timeline design.

While it is nice to have a heap of compelling images on your boards from other users, it's also vital to ensure that you have some pictures pinned from your own website.

This will help to get your company brand out among the masses and drive traffic back to your website.

An infographic by Pinnable Business has shared some ways to maximise your 'Pinterest Image Optimization'.

No limit to vertical size – but adjust your width!

While pinterest doesn't have a limit to the vertical size of your images, make sure to take note of your width size, otherwise it will be resized and may otherwise look distorted and unattractive.

Pinterest's maximum horizontal width for pictures is 554 pixels.

Max. length of image: 5,000 pixels

Pinnable Business says that as a rule of thumb, you should make your images 5,000 pixels and less.

"If someone has to scroll down to see the whole image, they are unlikely to scroll back up to repin or like it," Pinnable Business states on the Pinterest Image Optimization infographic.

Research Pinterest

Do your research and browse through different boards and images, taking note of the content that captures and draws your eye.

List some points of why the image compelled you and apply these aspects to the content that you post.

Videos are pinnable too

If your company has a YouTube channel, make sure to pin your videos to Pinterest too!

After scrolling through a pile of images, it's not uncommon to come across a video on Pinterest, but it's important to note that it is just YouTube videos that are currently embedded and can be watched on the site.

Posted by April Revake.