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How to tap into the Chinese e-commerce market

The rising popularity of online shopping means the world is now your marketplace.

Because China has the largest population in the world at more than 1 billion people, there is ample opportunity here for brands conducting online marketing to tap into.

China’s e-commerce industry is on rising quickly. According to Statista, the market is predicted to occupy 18.6 per cent of global B2C sales by the end of this year, and the number of online shoppers in China is predicted to jump from 193 million to more than 350 million by 2015.

However, China’s governmental restrictions on Internet censorship does present some obstacles for marketers.

For instance, Facebook is currently banned in China, and Google has a limited reach.

Although this presents some difficulties, there is still plenty of room for brands to connect with Chinese consumers.

Lets have a look at how Chinese brands are reaching consumers.

Despite living in a Facebook-less country, 93 per cent of Chinese marketers are using social media marketing, according to a freshly released study by eMarketer.

Out of this percentage, 33 per cent said they use social media all the time, while 43 per cent said they use it frequently. Therefore, brands should consider investing in other platforms of social media such as Pengyou and RenRen.

Search engine marketing and content marketing are also popular with brands, according to the study, with around three quarters of all Chinese marketers saying they use the techniques sometimes or always.

As mentioned previously, Google has a very limited reach, and instead Baidu is the search engine used by the majority of Chinese internet users.

Baidu has a 81.7 per cent share in the Chinese market, according to China Internet Watch, with Google only having around 10.9 per cent.

Despite these hurdles, if you think your product will be popular with Chinese consumers, then the pros of marketing in China definitely outweigh the cons.

Posted by Dylan Brown