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How to utilise social networks to improve your company’s bottom line

The question of how well businesses are utilising social media is an interesting one – and in many cases, it can comes down to whether or not businesses understand the value of a targeted social media campaign.

Many companies have a Facebook page and Twitter account – but do they know how much it can do to support their business?

After all, even companies that use their Facebook page and have lots of 'likes' and regular posts may not be getting what they really need out of their social media campaign.

In an ideal world, you want Facebook to be a platform for your social media marketing strategy and while many businesses have used it in this way, its potential is still relatively untapped.

Ideally, you want social media to encourage your target audience or clients to take a specific action – whether this is to buy a particular product or use a certain service.

Having a large number of followers or 'likes' on your company page is encouraging and it gives your organisation kudos, but is it translating to an increase in your target group buying your product or service?  If the answer is no, then you may not be getting the most out of your presence on social media networks.

The aim is to use social media as a call to action which may lead to some sort of positive spin-off for your company's bottom line.

With recent reports citing all the ways using social media can go amiss- it is no wonder that some businesses may be rethinking how they use this type of communication and in fact whether it is worth their time at all.

The truth is, with the growing popularity of social media – highlighted during the recent London Olympic Games – as a business owner you cannot afford not to have an active online presence.
On Google's company blog yesterday (August 15), UK product marketing manager Richard Keelty commented on some of the social media marketing campaigns which had drawn the attention of the search engine during the Olympics.

He noted that Visa's global Go World campaign has created quite a buzz and helped to generate support for the athletes by getting fans to create cheers for the Olympians using social media.
Elsewhere, insurance firm Zurich managed to use its Share Your Sports Moments campaign to increase their client pool.

This provides further evidence of the impact a good social media marketing strategy can have on your business, highlighting the need to get it right and find the best way to promote your brand using social networks.

Posted by Chloe Vaughan