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How to win traffic through Google News

As anyone with experience of online marketing will know, getting consistently good rankings on highly competitive terms can be an expensive, exhausting and often fruitless exercise.

Smarter online marketers who don't have the budget and search equity of a major brand behind them have to work a little harder to identify the keywords that are still getting traffic and will still convert, but are more winnable. These terms are likely to return far fewer indexed pages and will have drifted under the radar of powerful competitors.

One tactic is to use Google's different searches to find these winnable keyword battles. Google News is the obvious one. Pages returned in a Google News search only come from websites that have been manually approved by Google's editorial staff. This makes it more of an exclusive club than the universal search, which will (within reason) index just about anything.

Search terms will always get more traffic in a universal search, but volumes in Google News can be significant, especially at peaks in the news cycle. Stories that have belted to the top of Twitter's Trending Topics and the like will be getting a lot of action on Google News.

Just as important as decent volume is the level of competition. If you run a search on Google News you may get 50,000 indexed pages. It is not uncommon to see upwards of 100 million pages returned for the same term in a universal search (forgive the use of Google's hit and miss page count to illustrate this point).

Depending on what type of website you run, producing news articles and getting them into Google News can be a great way to win relevant traffic during the news cycle of big stories in your sector. If you're really lucky, you'll see your story not only indexed in Google News, but also pulled out and displayed at the top of the universal results.

That last bit is due to Google's commitment to promoting new content. Universal searches for newsworthy terms (try any big consumer brands or celebrities) will almost always prominently feature results from the news search in very lucrative positions.

In the very least, Google News creates additional doorways that lead to your site. This means opportunities to bring in visitors and, more importantly, chances of securing valuable inbound links.