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How to write outreach emails to sales prospects like a REAL person

It’s a competitive world in outbound sales, regardless of which industry you work in. Whatever you’re offering to your prospects, there will always be someone else out there doing pretty much the same thing. What makes you different? What will convince people to choose you over the competition?

When it comes to reaching to potential customers the deciding factor will often be how well you communicate. The way you engage with your prospects will define how they react and whether they move any further down the purchasing funnel or simply slip back out the top, back into the system to try again another day.

Emails to prospects are one of the best ways to generate leads, but their response depends entirely on how you construct your message. How often do you find yourself writing the same tired lines to your prospects – just going through the motions, sticking to the routine?

Let me guess, it goes a little something like this:

  • Opening line: Dear Prospect, my name is Jane Doe and I work for Content Marketing Company ABC.
  • Pitch: I’d like to discuss with you the strategies that we use to increase revenue for our clients. Many companies find that within six months of working with us that they experience a noticeable return on their investment.
  • Close: We could also create the same success with your business. If you are interested in hearing more about our services please don’t hesitate to call me on the number below.
  • Regards: Every average salesperson ever.


What’s wrong with showing a little personality? After all – the best salespeople are often the most charismatic. They can often get people over the line with their authenticity and passion.

Show your prospect that you care about your product. And be human!!

  • Opening line: Hi Jane, thanks for the chat earlier – it was great talking to you!
  • Helpful content: I’m glad to hear you’re an advocate of content marketing and look forward to talking more about how we can help.
  • Closing sentence, providing useful information to the prospect: In the meantime, I thought you might be interested in this cool blog post we just published: Five ways you can create shareable content that you can be really proud of. (Yep, that’s a real blog post). You should find some nice little tips in there to help with your content marketing.
  • Cheers: an interesting and genuine salesperson.

Which email would you be more likely to read and respond positively to? Nowadays we’re all subscribed to so many mailing lists and receive so many emails every day we must be ruthless with what we finish reading (or what we move directly to the trash folder).

This is where personalising your messages and behaving like a real person can give you an edge. Putting formalities aside and writing to them with a bit of personality in a humanised tone will be far more effective at getting their attention.

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Are emails that important?

If you think the emails you send don’t really matter anyway, think again. Statistics show that personalised emails generate 6 times higher transaction rates, and marketers have reported a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented (i.e. personalised and targeted) campaigns.  If you’re not putting the effort into making your emails better, you could potentially be losing visitors, leads and sales.

While it is important to remain professional, removing some of the formalities is likely to put your reader more at ease and make your message easier to digest. Communicating with them in a more personable manner and providing them with information that is actually useful to them will likely put you in a much better position for getting a response.

Last year, the number of emails sent and received per day totalled over 205 billion – that’s a lot of email traffic and lot of competition. A more human, genuine style could make all the difference when it comes to getting a ‘reply to’ instead of ‘send to junk’.

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