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How will the Gmail and Google+ email integration affect you?

Up until now Google+ has been largely ignored by social media users and the content marketing community alike.

In another bid to boost the popularity of Google+, Google has recently announced Gmail users will now be able to send messages to their connections on Google+, even if they don’t have their email addresses.

The update is still rolling out, but soon Gmail will list Google+ connections alongside your existing contacts when you’re sending an email, even though it won’t show you their direct email address straight away.

The function only works if both you and the addressee have a Gmail and Google+ account and are in each others “Extended Circle”, which means friends, friends of friends, or followers.

But if you’re worried about people you don’t know contacting you, don’t worry. It operates like an email, but only allows users to send a message once, which goes straight into your social tab, not directly into your inbox.

Messages from people you’ve had contact with in the past will go straight into your primary tab.

Luckily, Google has also allowed users uncomfortable with this setting to change it from Gmail accounts in a section called “Gmail via Google+”. There, users have the option of stopping people from Google+ contacting them altogether.

And for users who have thousands of connections, Google has stated that they can only be contacted by those in their circle, not from users in their extended circle, reported Search Engine Land.

Gmail will send everyone an email shortly and the feature will be enabled straight after someone views the message.

Although Google+ is unlikely to come into direct competition with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter just yet, it is rising in influence. The site does have certain unique benefits of its own, such as Google Authorship, which can help your brand’s overall content marketing strategy.

Posted by Dylan Brown