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How will ‘Trending’ affect your Facebook campaign?

Facebook can be a powerful content marketing tool for brands wanting to connect with online consumers, and now the site has opened up another opportunity for marketers by launching its new Trending feature.

The site became the world’s largest social networking site because of the simple methods it offered users to interact with friends and family. But in an attempt to make the site even more encompassing, Facebook is constantly adding new features to keep its users engaged for longer.

Facebook’s new Trending section will appear on the top right-hand side of the News Feed, and will showcase popular topics of conversation, from breaking news to celebrity gossip.

The tool is personalised to the users’ own interests, but will also include general topics that are trending across the web.

Each article also has a brief summary explaining why the topic is popular, and shows what the users’ friends have been saying about it.

There is no denying that this new feature is similar to that of the popular microblogging site Twitter, which shows real-time trending topics through its hashtag feature.

Facebook has been making a major push towards becoming a news provider. Late last year, the site updated its News Feed section so users can see articles that are relevant to them.

The update made it much harder for brands that are not purchasing advertising spaces on Facebook to appear on users’ News Feeds.

However, this new Trending feature could open up fresh opportunities for brands using the site as a part of their social media marketing.

For instance, if a brand can manage to spark interest in something they’ve published, their post could appear in the Trending section.

The feature is now active in the US and a few other selected countries, but is set to roll out globally soon.

Posted by Dylan Brown