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INFOGRAPHIC: How XML can streamline your content strategy

When people get excited about content marketing it’s usually thinking up great ideas for articles or unveiling a fancy new infographic that really gets them going. How the content gets on your website once it’s ready, is less of a high-five moment, and more of a boring detail.

But boring details are often crucially important and that’s certainly true when it comes to your content strategy. Finding a secure, streamlined approach for approving and publishing content will help avoid annoying bottlenecks and get your content working hard for you.

When we write for client sites, we use a custom-built API that delivers articles in XML, a common mark-up language for transporting data around the web. Over the years, we’ve found this approach is quicker, more controllable and more effective for the client. Check out this infographic that illustrates how the process works and provides a little more detail on some of the benefits.


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