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IBM launches new security feature for business

Security is a serious issue for many brands yet in the age of online media, social networks and smartphones it is becoming more and more difficult to stop valuable information being leaked or preventing individuals from sharing unique content.

But International Business Machines (IBM) is looking to change this with the launch of its new security service for mobiles and tablets that are used in enterprise, according to Tech Crunch.

The Mobile Security Management device if a service hosted by IBM and it can be tailored to the specific needs of a company or organisation that provides employees with smartphones or tablets as a part of their work.

It helps protect organisations against data loss or risks that may be caused by theft, unauthorised access, malware, spyware or apps that have been downloaded by a user and could comprise security.

Along with risk management features that can be applied to mobile devices that service also comes complete with policy feature – where brands can state their own requirements – and user compliance monitoring.

There is also the possibility to track devices that may have been lost or stolen and secure data so as to avoid any negative repercussions or privacy breaches.

Users of the service will find that their products have inbuilt spyware and anti-virus technology, as well as a self-cleansing feature that protects against applications and web connections by deleting or removing them off the server.

IBM has said that they will be working closely with Juniper Networks in order to make sure the new device management technology for the mobile service is available on Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

And while the product may share certain features in common with Lookout's Mobile Security App or Enterpriod, it still comes at a time where mobile usages is increasing at a pace that is well above that of the security practices of many businesses.

Posted by Aimee McBride