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IDC report provides insight into smartphones and connectivity

What do you think are the most popular activities on smartphone? According to a recent IDC report sponsored by Facebook, most people were using it to first check their emails (78 per cent), browse the web (73 per cent) and then access Facebook (70 per cent).

This was followed by people seeking maps/directions (64 per cent), general search (57 per cent) and share/post photos (53 per cent).

IDC set out to find how smartphones and social media keep us engaged, conducting a survey of over 7,000 American iPhone and Android users over the course of one week in March.

IDC states that the study was designed to understand how smartphone owners use their phones over the course of a day and the week, with an "emphasis on social and communication applications and services".

According to the IDC study, half of the total US population uses smartphones, with the "convenience of being able to interact with anyone, anytime, anywhere" making the phone a more critical tool to have.

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It's projected that there will be over 220 million smartphone users in the US by 2017, and it's also likely for numbers of smartphone users in Australia to spike too.

A large number of respondents said they used Facebook from their phone (70 per cent) with 61 per cent admitting to using it daily.

IDC states: "Device pocketability drives engagement throughout the day and when it's most convenient for each person."

"Over a week, we see the highest levels of engagement Friday through Sunday. These are the days we connect with those most important to us both online and in the physical world."

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Posted by April Revake.