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Improving web experience for the growing mass of mobile users

It's no secret that mobile technology is changing the way we use the internet and social media, with apps such as Instagram, Vine and Foursquare popular with millions of users around the globe.

People are not only checking their Facebook and Twitter pages once they get home, they're also updating their statuses while out at breakfast, on the morning commute or during a break at work.

Is your company's content marketing strategy effectively targeting these mobile audiences? One way of making your website more 'access-friendly' for mobile users is to fix some of the most common configuration mistakes.

Google has pointed out some of the mistakes seen on smartphone-optimised websites such as unplayable videos, page speeds, irrelevant cross-linking, smartphone-only 404s and faulty redirects, and how you can avoid running into them.

"Avoiding these mistakes helps your smartphone users engage with your site fully and helps searchers find what they're looking for faster," Google software engineer Yoshikiyo Kato and webmaster trends analyst Pierre Far posted on June 11.

Google is planning on rolling out several ranking changes in the "near future" that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users and improve their search experience.

The blog post authors said to try testing your site on as many different mobile devices and operating systems as possible. This also includes testing the videos on your site.

"Doing so will improve the mobile web, make your users happy, and allow searchers to experience your content fully."

Google has offered some further useful resources to help optimise websites for mobile and make mobile web faster on the Google Developers website.

Posted by April Revake.