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Indonesian error hurts Google for 5% of world internet users

In a scenario reminiscent of The Butterfly Effect, a small problem with an internet service provider (ISP) in Indonesia caused Google to stop working for about five per cent of the world's internet using population for nearly half an hour.

That's according to Tom Paseka, a network engineer with the internet security company Cloudflare, who spotted the problem on Monday (November 5).

His blog discusses how this one problem in Indonesia can have massive repercussions on a grand scale.

Indonesian ISP Moratel was providing incorrect information to its upstream provider, which caused the affected ISPs to malfunction because they had the wrong data.

"This all is a reminder about how the internet is a system built on trust. Today's incident shows that, even if you're as big as Google, factors outside of your direct control can impact the ability of your customers to get to your site," he wrote.

It comes as the election in the United States (November 6) saw the election website crash in Chicago as people searched for polling locations. The high interest in the outcome as a result of social media marketing, as well as the fact that the city is president Barack Obama's hometown, resulted in mass enquiries on the website. As a result, users were redirected to the state website regarding election information.

Obama tweeted at 3:17 pm AEST "four more years" after claiming victory over Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

By Tim Wright