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INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing automation starting to win over sales teams

Marketing automation software isn’t new, but the increasingly sophisticated technology that underpins it is making it a powerful tool not just for marketers, but also for sales teams.

Closing the gap between marketing and sales is a common challenge in businesses of all sizes. The departments ultimately have the same aim: making more money for the company. But there are often cultural differences between sales people and marketers that prevent them working together effectively.

Marketing automation offers a great opportunity to bridge that divide. Marketers love playing with tools and gadgets – especially if they help to promote or improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. Sales people, meanwhile, just want genuinely warm leads to work their magic on.

This excellent infographic from Pardot has some really interesting stats that show marketing automation is starting play a role in the working lives of both marketers and sales people. It also shows that there is plenty of scope for improvement, with 65% of companies admitting they have no lead nurturing processes and a whopping 79% of marketing leads failing to get converted into sales.

Marketing automation works hand-in-hand with content marketing. More sophisticated automation requires more relevant and more varied content. As you learn more about your leads and understand what they want, you can tailor your content marketing strategy to more closely support the nurturing process. Getting the right piece of content in front of the right person at the right time will not only give you a great chance of landing a deal – it also creates a clear link between your content and your bottom line.

Marketing automation: a sales or marketing tool?

Marketing automation: a sales or marketing tool?