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INFOGRAPHIC: How much value can you get from an infographic?

Four-hundred and ninety-three million.

That’s how many blog posts have been published on WordPress alone from January to July of this year. Your content is battling in a boiling sea of competition, but that doesn’t mean it’s destined to sink.

Make your content swim with the visual power of infographic marketing. As you’ll see below in our infographic “How infographics add value”, the human brain vastly prefers visual stimuli to just plain text. Articles with images attached every 100 words receive twice as many shares as their more basic brethren, and websites with infographics get 10 per cent more traffic than websites without.

So how do I use infographics for content marketing?

Creating content with visual appeal is a priority for over half of all B2B and B2C businesses, and it’s time you jumped in the same boat.

When you’re planning on deploying text-based content marketing, consider if the same information could be displayed visually – like a step-by-step tutorial graphic, instead of 1,000 words of the same thing.

That isn’t to say written content is redundant, but the more custom imagery in which you invest, the more you can engage your audience.

Have a look at our infographic below to see how truly powerful these tools can be.

how infographics add value


Duncan Pacey
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