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Infographics: Handy when your company has something to say

What sounds more interesting to read? An infographic loaded with bright images, bold stats and interesting facts, or a company bio, blandly presenting the story of their establishment and activities.

In this case, the infographic wins. They're much more visually appealing, easier to read and more compelling to share with your social networks.

Infographics can be used for a number of purposes, including sharing your company's story, displaying highlight points from recent research or a white paper and representing geographical data.

Art director of Intelligence in Lifestyle Francesco Franchi says that 'infographic thinking' is the future. "It's a narrative language – it's representation plus interpretation to develop an idea," he said.

Writer John Pavlus adds that infographics aren't like Powerpoint presentations as they don't have to be one-dimensional.

"In the hands of a Fathom or a Felton, even a static infographic can feel immersive and interactive because of the way it offers multiple paths for discovering stories," John Pavlus writes in a Fast Co Design article.

"'Infographic thinking' doesn't let designers to [sic] interpret a narrative visually; it lets them invite the viewer [to] join in the process of interpretation, too. It's what makes infographic design a language, not a formula or a fad."

Infographics are a handy to add to your content marketing strategy because they can help to increase the 'shareability' of your company's content, directing more attention to the reports or white papers that they are based on.

This can help to increase their downloads, while also bringing traffic back to your website.

Infographics are also more visually appealing to share on websites such as Twitter and Facebook, and most particularly, Pinterest.

If you produce infographics for your company, then make sure to create a Pinterest account to help with the shareability of your content and drive traffic directly to your website.

Posted by April Revake.