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Instagram has the upper hand with smartphone users

Popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter make it easy for brands to interact with consumers, and as a result have become a staple food for many brands conducting content marketing over the past few years.

However, the social networking atmosphere is developing.

As the number of smartphone users accessing social media continues to grow, online consumers are further becoming invested in photo-sharing apps such as Instagram and Snapchat.

In fact, new statistics by eMarketer have found Instagram has overtaken Twitter in terms of popularity with smartphone users.

Last year, Instagram had 34.6 million smartphone users in the US alone, and is predicted to hit 35 million US users by the end of the year. This is almost 25 per cent of all US smartphone users.

Micro-blogging site Twitter, on the other hand, only had 30.8 million mobile users last year, according to eMarketer. However, this is predicted to hit 37.3 million by the end of this year.

Twitter definitely has higher growth potential due to its wider target audience. While Instagram is mainly popular with a younger audience, Twitter has a steady following with all demographics.

Of course, no site is equal to Facebook, which now has an impressive 123 million US smartphone users.

Although Facebook and Twitter are still the best choices for social media marketing, these statistics show that photo-sharing social networking apps are definitely increasing in popularity.

Targeting users on photo-sharing apps such as Instagram and Twitter is definitely a good idea for marketers. There are currently 1.6 million Australians on Instagram and over 1 million on Snapchat, according to Frank Media.

As social networking continues to diversify, brands will need to figure out which sites are best for reaching their target audience, and alter their content strategy around that.

Posted by Dylan Brown