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Instagram: Is it necessary for my content marketing strategy?

Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are just some of the most common networks that are used in a company's content marketing strategy – but what about Instagram? Is this social app useful to a content strategy?

Instagram is similar in use to Twitter, but instead of writing 140-character statuses, you're sending an image to your followers instead – and yup, hashtags are used here too.

Many individuals use Instagram to share pictures of their daily activities – whether it be what they had for breakfast or a snap with their sporting hero at an event.

Organisations can use Instagram to share their activities in the community, updating followers with pictures of a community event organised by the company, or event to push their business activities with images of their latest product launch.

Instagram can be a great tool for companies to receive more exposure, by posting about their business or community activities.

Businesses can take a unique approach to their Instagram account to create more interest and engagement with audiences.

You can help to portray the tone of your company with Instagram, by sending pictures of staff goofing off, or having fun at social events organised in the workplace to present to your followers the idea of your company as one that doesn't take itself too seriously.

The key to posting images to Instagram is to make sure it's compelling, relevant and makes use of the right hashtags.

The hashtag function – like Twitter – allows you to reach a larger group of people, with Instagram users searching that hashtag term able to view your image.

Your company can also post your Instagram images to other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which lets your followers from these platforms know that you have an Instagram account.

Another major advantage of Instagram is that it reaches the growing number of people who are accessing the internet from their smartphones.

Reach the masses at anytime, from anywhere with your mobile-optimised Instagram account.

Posted by April Revake.