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Instagram provides insight into daily life in North Korea

While social media has helped to foster a more global culture, with millions of people instant messaging, video chatting and sending pictures to each other from different corners of the world, there are some countries that are left in the dark.

There's likely to be less social activity from countries who are not as advanced in technology, which include regions in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

One country that is particularly rare to get an insight into is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea – commonly known as North Korea.

Internet access in North Korea is only permitted with "special authorisation" and is said to be primarily used for government purposes.

Residents do have access to a free national intranet network called, Kwangmyong, though it does not have any direct connection to the outside internet.

Associated Press chief photographer for Asia David Guttenfelder has pulled down some of the walls separating the world from the country of more than 24 million people, sharing pictures on Instagram while on an assignment in North Korea.

"I feel I can help open a window into a place that would otherwise rarely be seen by outsiders," he said in a Instagram blog posted February 28.

"As one of the few international photographers who has ever had regular access to the country, I feel a huge responsibility to share what I see and to show it as accurately as I can."

David is noted to be one of the first people ever to post real-time Instagram images from North Korea as just only until a few weeks ago, foreigners were not allowed to bring mobile phones into the country, yet alone access the internet.

He is now able to share personal photos to Instagram from his iPhone and iPod Touch as he captures them.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is also in North Korea in a trip to Pyongyang with three Harlem Globetrotters and a documentary film crew for some basketball expeditions, the New York Times reported on February 26 (EST).

Rodman confirmed his trip, tweeting: "I'm not a politician. Kim Jung Un & North Korean people are basketball fans. I love everyone. Period. End of story.#WORMinNorthKorea."

Posted by April Revake.