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Internet not worldwide, says Google exec

Can you remember life before the internet? Or if you have grown up with access to the world wide web, can you imagine life without it?

Today most people in the developed world are constantly connected. 

At home, those who are still on dial-up are still considered to be living in the stone age. 

At work, an office can barely function if the connection cuts out.

And out and about, we can check our Facebook, email, find directions and follow maps – all from our smartphones and tablets.

Yet according to Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, it seems that many of us are taking this luxury for granted.

He said that the so-called world wide web is still far from being global, reported the Associated Press.

"The world wide web has yet to live up to its name," he explained, speaking at a conference in Israel on June 19.

Mr Schmidt believes that currently, only about a third of the world's population – or approximately two billion people – have access to the internet.

He went on to say that those of us who are connected are "blessed" because the web opens up so many doors and that this is why we will be able to spread the internet to those who are currently without.

In addition, Mr Schmidt also echoed a similar message that many other leading technology firms have been constantly telling us – be careful what you post online.

Although evidently a big believer in the potential of the internet, he warns users against uploading fresh content that they would not want certain people to see.

"If you upload a video of your young friend drunk without their permission, you may be ruining their life," he asserted.

Posted by Jess O'Connor