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Internet orders crucial to Australian businesses

Australian businesses received almost $143 billion worth of internet orders in 2009-10, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) announced last week.

This represents a 15 per cent rise from the previous year, indicating that a strong online presence is increasingly being seen by as crucial to selling their products and services.

The ABS reports that 94 per cent of large businesses had a web presence at June 30, 2010, compared to about one-third of micro-businesses – those that employ a maximum of four people.

The industries receiving the most online orders were wholesale trade and manufacturing – both at over 40 per cent – whilst the retail industry was ranked fifth.

But in a sign that businesses believe simply creating a website and waiting for orders to start rolling in is not necessarily enough, 44 per cent also reported undertaking some form of innovation in 2009-10.

This included "developing or introducing new or significantly improved goods, services, processes or methods", the ABS said.

An effective content marketing strategy can involve methods such as Twitter and Facebook campaigns, company blogs and regular input of fresh content, such as daily news updates.

Large businesses were 74 per cent likely to undertake innovative activity – just over double that of micro-businesses.

Businesses with no web presence would be wise to consider making a move online for a potentially significant return on investment.