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Investors rush to ‘like’ Facebook

The social network made it clear that their IPO road show was going to be different and they haven't disappointed.

Facebook is preparing for its initial public offering next week, but first it is going offline in a bid to attract would-be investors.

Company founder Mark Zuckerberg is in New York this week doing his best to whip audiences into a frenzy about all things social media.

The hoodie-wearing guru had crowds at the Big Apple's Sheraton Hotel enthralled with his take on the future of Facebook in an ever diversifying media market.

The CEO fielded questions about the company's slowing revenue growth, as well as its recent $1 billion purchase of Instagram – a decision Zuckerberg feels was the right one to make and would make again.

Also on the road was finance chief David Ebersman and the brand's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg.

Media professionals who tried to catch first-hand footage of the event were forced to interview guests after the public talk, with the Monday (May 7) conference kept strictly off-limits to anyone holding a press pass.

It wouldn't be an internet-based company without some kind of online offering though so there was nothing surprising about the brand's public announcement in the form of a video pitch.

In the video Zuckerberg says: "We are going to reach this point where almost every app you use is going to be integrated with Facebook in some way."

Facebook is hoping to raise roughly $US10.6 billion in its first public offering, which is well above other markets leaders and competitors such as Google.

And while some commentators feel that this amount may seem bullish, it is clear that this is one of the most watched IPOs to take place in recent years and perhaps well into the future.

Posted by Aimee McBride