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Is content marketing all about SEO?

Is content marketing all about SEO?

What’s more important: content marketing or SEO?

For this, we’ll take the same route as your Mum when asked about her favourite child. They’re both amazing in their own special way.

While often pitted against one another, content marketing and SEO are lot like bacon and eggs, fish and chips, tequila and lime. They’re great alone but even better together.

An all too common misconception is that content marketing is all about SEO, that we write content for the sole purpose of ranking in search. This is simply not the case. If you want to see ROI on your content marketing campaigns, you must embrace both.

First of all, what’s the difference?

When done well, content marketing is a process that includes strategy, production and amplification. Content marketing is about creating something that offers value to your target audience and using it to achieve your marketing goals at the same time. With content marketing, you attract visitors to your site and you do it naturally by giving them something they’d find useful

SEO, on the other hand, is far from natural. With SEO, you use specific tactics to improve your site’s ranking in search engines. Ranking signals are constantly changing but the general trend is that relevant and authoritative sites win. SEO then is all about tweaking your content to make it more in line with search engine expectations.

SEO and content marketing are different, one is technical and specific, the other is broad and more inclusive. But they also overlap – a lot.

Content marketing and SEO, better together

We said content marketing and SEO are like fish and chips, but we might have been stretching things. Peanut butter and jam are both delicious on their own – same with tequila and lime. Content marketing and SEO, however, shouldn’t really stand alone.

Perhaps love and marriage would be a better analogy, or popcorn and butter. While SEO and content marketing can be separated, the result is pretty lame. We’re talking articles with absolutely no value to the reader – just a bunch of links. Or just as bad, the best, most useful blog post ever that will never be read because it never appears in search.

The best way to apply SEO is to channel it naturally into your content marketing campaigns, dispersing long-tail keywords throughout and doing everything else that makes Google happy.  Don’t wait until you’ve finished, either. If you consider SEO at every stage in content creation and amplification, you’ll have a much better chance of reaching your target audience.

3 tips for a happy marriage between SEO and content marketing

A few months back, we set content marketing and SEO up on a speed date. Today, they’re getting married.

Like any nuptials, working together is key to a happy union. If you have two separate strategies for content marketing and SEO, things just aren’t going to work out. Here are some tips for bringing this pair together.

1. Employ your keywords strategically

Don’t wait until a blog post is finished to plug in your keywords.

Instead, consider your keyword strategy at all stages in content creation, including the ideas phase. This way, you can get your target mentions in naturally rather than stuffing them in at the end.

2. Optimise your site for inbound marketing

Here’s one thing SEO and content marketing have in common: they both need a highly optimised site. SEO requires this for technical reasons. Your site must cater to the robots if you want to rank. Content must also have great UX to be consumable.

3. Never stop creating content

For your content marketing strategy to be effective, you need to create content consistently. ROI doesn’t just happen, you must publish and promote your content regularly.

Luckily, Google also prioritises fresh content, indexing it faster and positioning it higher in search engine result pages, making a frequent publishing schedule a win-win.


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