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Is cross-channel marketing really that important?

Everybody has that one friend who acts like their normal, everyday self around you, then suddenly transforms into a completely different person when somebody else comes into the picture.

I bet it’s also the same friend you’ve been dodging coffee dates with for the past six months now.

Well consumers find it just as annoying when brands take on multiple personas.

In today’s digital age, where brands are expected to connect with consumers on a personal level, it is important for companies conducting content marketing to have a consistent message across all their different platforms if they want to seem genuine.

According to a recent study by Tapad and Forrester’s, 71 per cent of people have a negative view of brands that aren’t consistent in their marketing.

In fact, the study found nine per cent of consumers find brand inconsistency so irritating that they will stop interacting with a brand altogether if this behaviour is spotted.

The internet is taking on a bigger role in our daily livesand online marketing is becoming even more effective. As a result, more than two-thirds of consumers are finding out about new products online, rather than through traditional forms of advertising, according to the study.

Brands need to be consistent about their message whatever platform they are marketing on, whether it’s through your website or over a mobile device, or if it’s on social media or ad campaigns.

Now more than 70 per cent of consumers operate more than three devices connected to the internet, according to the study.

These consumers want a consistent message as well. The study found that 52 per cent of connected consumers want to see the same content they would find on the website, but customised to their device.

However, at this stage, only very few brands are doing this. A recent study by eConsultancy found only 7 per cent of businesses believe their marketing campaigns are successful delivering an effective message across multiple channels.

Therefore, if you want to establish key relationships with consumers, it is important for your brand to develop a content strategy aimed at delivering a strong and honest message across all your platforms.

Posted by Dylan Brown

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