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Is email marketing your safest bet this year?

With all the innovative, tech-savvy content marketing and SEO techniques out there, it’s understandable if you get slightly confused when deciding which will work best for your business.

However, it seems many businesses are opting to keep it simple this year, with the large majority of marketers putting their faith in email marketing.

The 2014 Annual State of Marketing report recently released by Exacttarget interviewed 2,500 marketers around the world and found 88 per cent rely on email for marketing.

The study found that 68 per cent of marketers believe email is core to their business, the main reasons being that email indirectly impacts their business’s performance as well as being a critical enabler of the products or services they provide.

As a result, 59 per cent of these businesses have a dedicated email marketing team of two or more, and almost half said they are sending more than 500,000 emails annually.

This year, 58 per cent of marketers plan to increase their spending on email marketing, making it the third highest priority in terms of expenditure, behind data and analytics and marketing automation.

The study found that email marketing pays off too, with 88 per cent of respondents believing that email marketing does, or will eventually, produce ROI.

Compare this to the the up-and-coming social media market. The survey found only 34 per cent of marketers agreed that social media marketing is currently producing ROI, but many marketers have high hopes, with 52 per cent saying they believe it will eventually.

Judging by these statistics it seems that email marketing is a much safer bet for 2014, as it effectively targets consumers that are already somewhat interested in your brand.

But this does not mean that other platforms for marketing, such as social media, should be ignored, as they can all indirectly impact your business’ overall performance.

Posted by Dylan Brown