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Is Facebook a problem in your relationship?

In the wake of Valentine's Day you might just be getting past the loved up statuses and photos on your newsfeed, with some friends and acquaintances just sharing a little too much about their relationship – we don't want to know every single detail of your romantic dinner date!

Online privacy solutions company Abine conducted a Valentine's Day survey to find out the role that the internet plays in people's romantic lives, revealing that many couples were over-sharing – from their first date to a break-up.

Facebook was identified as the most popular online platform for sharing intimate relationship details, with more than 50 per cent of those surveyed admitting to posting about their love lives on the website.

The most common thing that these respondents posted about was their relationship status (80 per cent), with almost two-thirds posting who they're in a relationship with and another 60 per cent uploading pictures of themselves with that person.

"A lot of people don't consider the consequences of posting the details of their love lives online until it's too late," said Sarah Downey, privacy analyst for Abine.

"Only one in ten people report being less concerned about the privacy of their love lives today than one year ago."

The survey indicated that there was some risky behaviour involving social media and relationships with 40 per cent of people admitting to looking at their partner's emails or private messages, 30 per cent reviewing their other half's browsing history and 18 per cent posting sexy pictures of themselves or details about romantic encounters online.

Breaking up can also become more complicated due to social media with most people (63 per cent) choosing to de-friend or block their exes and half of those surveyed de-tagging pictures of themselves with their former partners.

"We all know love can make us a little crazy, so it's not surprising that people change their behaviour and might go outside their typical comfort zones," said Downey.

Posted by April Revake.