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Is including links in a comment considered spam?

Brands that regularly share information or helpful tips by commenting on blogs can improve the effectiveness of their own content marketing strategy. Not only does this increase a brand’s reputation as a source of knowledge, but it is also a useful way to connect with potential customers.

However, it has become common for some online users to abuse the commenting system by including links back to their site without writing anything about the topic of the post.

Although it may obvious to us users what comments are useful and what are spam, does Google know the difference between the two?

In a recent Google Webmaster Help Video, Google’s head of search and spam Matt Cutts said that leaving comments on a post with an external link is not considered spam.

But it is better to leave comments with your actual name, advised Mr Cutts, saying that Google may treat comments made under a business name with suspicion.

Mr Cutts also warned users leaving thousands of comments with links all over the internet may be considered a part of a “link scheme”, which can distort Google’s rankings.

That means it is okay to post links to your site or someone else’s, as long as it is relevant to the content of the post.

Youtube, which is owned by Google, recently changed its comments section so that users have to be signed into Google+ to leave a comment.

In September this year the popular video-sharing site changed its comments section so that only relevant comments appear.

There has been a major backlash against the update, with many YouTube users venting their frustration on the YouTube Forum.

While some users may not be happy with this new comments system, it does has some benefits for businesses using the site as a part of their social marketing strategy. Now only relevant and helpful comments will appear underneath the video, and it is even possible to automatically remove comments that include profanity, giving the video owner more control.

Posted by Dylan Brown