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Is mobile marketing a waste of time?

As consumer smartphone and tablet penetration continues to grow, marketers are seeking new and innovative ways to target mobile users.

But is it worth the extra effort?

Up until now, the majority of consumers are only using mobile devices to conduct research about products, but not to make purchases.

The main deterrent to mobile purchasing is the difficulty found in carrying out the transaction on a mobile device, according to Marketing Land.

However, recent statistics have found consumers are starting to make purchases through their mobile devices, which means a fresh opportunity for content marketing.

A new study by Custora, which interviewed over 100 US retailers and 70 million shoppers, found mobile e-commerce shot up to 19.5 per cent in February, compared to the previous February’s 14 per cent.

This increase is undoubtedly due to brands investing more resources into making their sites easily accessible to mobile users, as well as an increased consumer dependency on smartphone and tablets.

Now, more than a quarter of consumers have used their smartphones to pay for an in-store purchase at some point, according to a recent study by Local Corporation.

The study found the majority of mobile consumers rely on search result listings, as well as ratings and reviews to research products online.

Not only are consumers starting to shop through mobile devices, these statistics also show mobile users can be targeted through content marketing.

By creating content that is easily available to mobile consumers and will provide quick information about your product or service, you can optimise your brand for the mobile market.

Posted by Dylan Brown