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Is mobile search advertising the one to watch?

If you have ever considered mobile search advertising but haven't yet taken the plunge, new figures could give you the encouragement you need.

Data from Telsyte shows that mobile search advertising is experiencing exponential growth, as nearly a third of paid search links are now being served to tablets and smartphones.

Advertisers are recognising that people are spending more time on mobile devices and are therefore adapting their marketing strategies as necessary.

This year alone, Telsyte believes that the mobile paid search market could hit $430 million this year, meaning it accounts for a quarter of the whole paid search market.

In Australia alone, it estimates that there are 14 million smartphone users and seven million people who own tablets, showing that the mobile domain needs to be considered as part of any content marketing strategy.

Telsyte research director Foad Fadaghi agreed that the trend had grown at a much faster rate than many experts had anticipated.

"Notwithstanding the difficulties in measuring mobile search, many advertisers are serving their search ads on tablets and smartphones by default following changes to Google's targeting options," he commented.

Over the coming years, the report anticipates that the mobile market will grow even further, accounting for more than half of Australian paid search by 2017.

By 2018, Telsyte believes that mobile paid search will become the biggest digital advertising segment in the entire country, giving marketers the impetus they need to adopt the trend sooner rather than later.

The Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey recently explained that in order to be successful with a varied marketing strategy, it is essential to keep an eye on analytics.

This will help companies determine just how successful their campaigns are, as well as give them the opportunity to review their marketing strategies and see those that are working and those that are not.

Posted by Emma Furze