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Is Pinterest losing interest with social media users?

In the world of social media the lightning speed with which new developments become popular and then fade away can make it hard to keep up with those "in the know".

Take Pinterest for example, the meteoric rise of this virtual pinboard has been the talk of corporate bigwigs since it first opened its doors to the public just two years ago.

In the process, it has also made its way from home computers and into boardroom meetings as well as more than just a few content marketing strategy campaigns.

But if the latest figures from two market-research firms are anything to go by, it seems that some Pinterest users are quickly losing interest in the site.

AppData research shows that the number of Pinterest users who are regularly connecting to Facebook dropped from 12.2 million to 8.3 million in the last month.

"The numbers show slowing user growth, (the) negative impact of redesign and declining buzz level on Google Trends," explains IDC analyst Karsten Weide.

News that the image blogging site may not be as popular with the internet users also made its way into a report by ComScore.

The company found that the number of unique visitors the social network has managed to attract in the last 30 days is still high, but the rate of growth is definitely slowing.

During March this year unique visitors in the US rose to 18.7 million, in February the same figure reached a high of 17.8 million and was sitting on 11.7 million in January.

It is unclear whether steadying growth will have an impact on the value of Pinterest to users or investors.

But rather than weighing into the debate the social network instead sought to emphasise its burgeoning popularity, using an official blog post to inform those interested in the happenings of the web that the site had its "highest traffic days ever" earlier this week.

Posted by Aimee McBride