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Is social media effective for B2Bs?

Social media marketing has exploded in recent years, with countless success stories from brands who have amassed huge followings and reached millions of online consumers.

As a result, social networking platforms have taken on a crucial role in many businesses content marketing strategies. But is social media effective for business selling to other businesses?

A recent study by Komarketing Associates surveyed B2B buyers about the main factors they consider crucial for a business’s website.

Shockingly enough, the study revealed only 6 per cent of B2B buyers said social media impacts their decision-making process.

To make social media look even worse, the study found 37 per cent of interviewees said social media isn’t a factor at all.

Although the majority of B2B companies have embraced social media marketing out of necessity, skepticism still remains as to its effectiveness.

A study by the Content Marketing Institute found that most social networking sites, with the exception of LinkedIn and Twitter, were ranked negatively by B2B marketers in terms of effectiveness.

But before you go cancelling your social media campaigns, it is important to remember that the results of social media marketing efforts are mostly indirect.

Not only does social media increase brand awareness, but it also draws people back to your site. Although it may not be a major player in the decision-making process, social networking platforms can have a major impact on your website.

Since the top goal of B2Bs is brand awareness – according to the Content marketing Institute’s study – social media is definitely worth investing in.

Although it may not not always look like it’s effective, social media is crucial in today’s internet age to reach online consumers, and definitely worth including in your content strategy.

Posted by Dylan Brown