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Is the internet the rocket fuel your business needs?

The internet has become about far more than sending emails to friends and catching up with the latest news – it is a tool that businesses need to embrace in order to grow.

This is according to Deloitte's Connected Continent research, which showed that the web is just as important to Australia as its world-famous resources industries.

A national survey of 500 small businesses found that those who made full use of the internet – and showed high levels of digital engagement – benefited from better business outcomes.

In fact, Deloitte discovered that these companies experienced a $350,000 or 20 per cent rise in their annual revenue as they have more diversified sources of income and larger customer bases.

The need for an online presence is undoubtedly something that has grown over recent years – the online domain is as much a part of a content marketing strategy as any other area of a business.

Deloitte explained that companies with high levels of digital engagement are four times more likely than their competitors to be hiring and are twice as likely to be growing revenue.

Further to this, simply having a website is no longer good enough – although three out of five small businesses have a website, less than one in five has high digital engagement.

Keeping customers interested in a brand, service or product is essential, which is why fresh content plays such a big part of the online marketing package.

Although having a website is an important first step towards success, failing to regularly upload original content and keep people interested will render the portal useless.

In fact, Deloitte noted that businesses that view the internet as peripheral could see the efficiency of their operations suffer, rather than taking advantage of what the connected world has to offer.

Posted by Emma Furze