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Is Vine the next social media craze?

Facebook statuses, tweets and the latest posts on Instagram have become ingrained in everyday conversation for social media users around the world.

The Vine video app, released earlier this year, may soon join the conversation. Marketing Land reports that on Friday, June 8, there were more Vines shared on Twitter than Instagram photos.

Topsy Analytics pointed out that there were around 2.37 million links to shared on Twitter over a 24-hour period, surpassing the 2.14 million links to counted in the same time period.

Celebrities such as Tyra Banks, Paul McCartney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy Fallon have all jumped on the Vine bandwagon, posting six-second videos to their Twitter accounts.

Samsung Mobile US and Target are just some notable companies to have used Vine. The video can be used as a creative tool in your content marketing strategy, to help launch new products or services, or just create compelling content for your followers to share.

As of early June, Android users can now get in on some Vine action, too.

“Vine for Android has many of the features that more than 13 million people have grown to love: easy video creation with automatic playback and sound; Explore, where you can discover popular posts and see what’s trending; and Find Friends, where you can find and invite people you know to join,” Android engineer Sara Haider posted on the Vine blog.

The Australian edition of the International Business Times listed several reasons why Vine was creating a social media buzz, with the promotion of creativity highlighted as a main factor.

Vine offers companies the opportunity to show off their creative flair and make an impact with their audiences by delivering content in an innovative, compelling format.

Posted by April Revake.