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Is your mobile site getting personal with its users?

Personalisation is no doubt one of the most important things when it comes to running a content strategy – people want access to information that is relevant to their needs.

How businesses go about achieving this varies, it might be that they offer page recommendations based on data from previous visits, or allow users to customise their own homepages.

The bottom line is this – personalisation matters, which is why new findings could give mobile site owners the incentive they need to rethink their strategies.

The Econsultancy/Monetate Realities of Personalisation Report found that while 43 per cent of companies deliver a user-specific experience on desktop, the same cannot be said for mobile and tablet devices.

In fact, the figures showed that just 14 per cent of businesses have personalised their original content for tablet users and 13 per cent for mobile devices.

However, it does seem that there are some good intentions, as just over half of those polled said they plan to adopt personalisation over the next 12 months – but the experts are sceptical.

The survey also shed some light on how businesses customise their content, with 30 per cent saying that they analyse on-site behaviour, while 29 per cent look at inbound marketing channels or traffic sources.

The geographical location of site visitors is also taken into account, as is the time of day they log into the site and even if the weather has any bearing on their behaviour.

With such a wealth of information to consider, businesses certainly have the tools they need to make personalisation a success – the next step is putting these intentions into practice.

As more people go online using mobile devices, this could be a missed opportunity for companies of all sizes across the globe.

Posted by Emma Furze