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Is your social media strategy up to scratch for 2013?

Another year has come and gone, with many of us finishing up our holidays and heading back to the office to get going with work in the new year.

Many big changes in the social media world came about in 2012, with Facebook reaching a billion users, big events such as the U.S. election and the London Olympics highlighting the prevalence of online engagement and natural disasters bringing out the value of social networks in times of crisis.

Taking into account of all of these changes is important, to ensure that your company's social media strategy starts the year off on the right foot.

Having a social media marketing plan is essential for any company wanting to gain new business, engage with customers or create interest in their product or service.

Twitter and Facebook campaigns can rake in a lot of interest, and if you have a great social media manager in place, your content could reach thousands of people.

An infographic from uberVU stated that 91 per cent of online adults use social media regularly but only less than a quarter (22 per cent) of businesses have a dedicated social media manager.

Having this type of manager in place at your company could mean the difference between a mediocre social media campaign and one that achieves great results.

Appointing a social media manager can help to ensure that your content on the company website, Facebook or Twitter pages is always updated, that you retain the attention of followers and also reach new audiences.

The uberVU infographic emphasised the importance of companies keeping up with the latest trends in social media, as it is where "more and more of your customers are everyday".

It's also essential to take onboard any feedback from visitors to your social media pages, as this can help to greatly improve your content marketing strategy.

Posted by April Revake.